Confessions of a well-organized slob!

by Diana Peck

It’s time for Spring Cleaning!  I need it desperately!

Anyone who knows me well, knows I’m somewhat of a slob.  OK, maybe not somewhat, I AM A SLOB.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an excellent organizer and very well-organized.  You know when the kids need their birth certificates or immunization records 10 minutes before it’s time to leave for school or they aren’t going to be allowed to participate in that field trip or get registered for the team?  Well, I’m proud to say I’m one of those moms who can whip out those records instantly!

Unfortunately, well-organized is not the same as neat.  My husband threatens over and over again that if we ever build a new home, I will get my own bathroom, because HE can’t stand sharing one with me. (Shouldn’t it be the other way around?)

Maybe it’s because he’s been relegated to a tiny corner of the bathroom counter, due to my unintentional sprawling of make-up, blow dryer, curling iron, oversize pink hair rollers and five 1/4-filled coffee cups that each have a thin layer of “I-don’t-know-what” forming on top.  I let them pile up until I’ve used every last one and then on Saturday morning I collect them all and run them through the dishwasher….

OK, I lied, HE collects them and runs them through the dishwasher.

And TODAY he folded and put away a-week-and-a-half’s worth of laundry that is piled on our bed, then thrown to the floor when it’s time for bed, then piled back on the bed in the morning, etc., etc.  This has been going on for a few days.  I guess he finally got sick of it.  That pile is HUGE.  We have four teenage sons.

But, I’m not writing this to pat him on the back, though I very much appreciate him.  I’m writing this to acknowledge that I am a slob, I’m powerless to my illness, and I need help.  And I’m writing to share with you that although I can be extremely messy, I still find it so fun to be organized!  A thrill for me is spending an entire Saturday afternoon creating spread sheets of our family’s projected budget for the month and accounting for every dollar that we spend, while assigning those dollars to various categories of priority based on utility. (Utility: the capacity of a commodity or a service to satisfy some human want.)

I’m a dork!

But, that thrill for organization helped me to envision how fun it would be to carry my portable files around in a product like our Jamie Raquel File Tote.  It’s also why I’m so looking forward to participating in next month’s NAPO Conference.

I can’t wait to bring Jamie Raquel File Totes to the National Association of Professional Organizers in San Diego next month! Though we will be there working as one of the exhibitors, the blast will be to visit all the other exhibitors and check out the latest and greatest in organizing products.  I even get to attend a couple of classes about organizing.  Don’t get me started on my crazy love for conference speakers.  (I’ll save that for another post.)

So, if you are registered for the NAPO Conference, stop by our booth and see us!  If not, check out our Facebook Page and become a fan.  We promise to post pics of the conference and share with you some of the cool and inspiring organizing products and ideas.

See you soon!


Smart Shopping for the Holiday Season

Every year I always have good intentions to finish my holiday shopping early. However, every Thanksgiving I can guarantee three things. One, I’ll eat too much and need to nap. Two, I won’t have any gifts purchased. And three, I’m going to feel stressed! So in an effort to shop smart for the holidays, I’m going to stay organized and pass on one of my favorite organizing accessories, the Jamie Raquel File Tote to my friends and family.

This Tote is a fantastic gift! I have slowly been giving them to my girlfriends as Birthday presents and they all adore their Totes. The Totes are incredibly versatile! My friends used them to replace a briefcase, hold small business files and forms, home bills and children papers, and even crafts. Everywhere I go people ask, “What is that? Where can I get one?” In my opinion, this Tote is one of the best holiday gifts for women available.

So if you already have a Jamie Raquel File Tote, spread-the-word about this great new product with your friends and family!

— Toni LaSalle

Toting Pink Has Never Been So Important!

From scarfs to cereal, the color pink is everywhere I look this month. I see it at the checkout counter at the grocery store. I see it on the news as survivors and family members tell their stories of bravery and hope. I also see how the fight against breast cancer brings us all together.

Toting pink has never been so important! A woman will die from breast cancer every 13 minutes, on average, in the U.S. This is why it is important to educate yourself about breast cancer and support breast cancer research.

To support the cause, Jamie Raquel Inc. will be giving 10% off Hot Pink Jamie Raquel File Totes. Please enter discount code JR-TN-2K10. In addition, 10% of the purchase will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Currently the Foundation donates 88 cents of every dollar to research and awareness programs.

Whether the Hot Pink File Tote is a gift for someone or already on your arm, we want to hear from you. Please join us on Facebook and tell us how you use your File Tote!

–Toni LaSalle

Help others get organized!

by Diana Peck

I love to know what others think.  One of my favorite online activities is reading “comments” on news articles, or “user reviews” of movies, or “consumer reviews” of products and services.  The first thing I do when traveling is consult Tripadvisor to choose my restaurants; and if I have time for sightseeing, I check Tripadvisor’s “Top 10 Things to do”.

Learning something new from you is my FAVORITE thing to do.  It’s why I’m asking for your feedback.  I get so many comments from customers who share how much they LOVE their file tote.  And my curiosity keeps growing.  WHAT do you use yours for?  Are you a sales consultant like my sister, who just began a second career with Mary Kay Cosmetics?  Are you a Sunday school teacher who carries it to class with handouts and lesson plans?  Are you a real estate agent carrying sales contracts and listing printouts?

Please tell us how you use your tote and even better: share your file folder tab titles with us.  Some of us struggle with HOW to better organize.  Our papers sometimes get LOST in the stack.  But, if we hear how you separate and file yours, it just might help us with ours.  And, you might even win a new Jamie Raquel File Tote in the process.

Visit our Facebook Page to tell us how you use your tote and you will be entered into a drawing for a free file tote of your choice!  If you are not a Facebook user, send us an e-mail to  The winner will be notified by e-mail and announced on our Facebook page on October 1st.  Thank you in advance for helping others get organized!!

Good Morning San Diego and Great Day!

by Diana Peck

This month, I’m working on my TV wardrobe.  It’s time to add more COLOR!!

You’d think my closet would be filled with all the colors of the rainbow.  After all, look at our selection of Jamie Raquel File Totes.

But, I guess I’m like many women, the 31% who visit our website and choose Jet Black when it’s time to place their order.  (Number 2? 18% choose Ruby.)

As I shop, I make a game of searching for stylish prints in black, white, charcoal and gray.  Walk into my closet and you’ll feel like you need to change the broadcast from B/W to color.  After finishing my second television appearance and being reminded that color TV has been in existence since 1954, I went shopping!

In May, I had fantastic experiences touting my totes in VIBRANT COLOR visiting with Kopi and Kim on KMPH Great Day in Fresno and sharing my Jamie Raquel story with Sandra Maas on KUSI Good Morning San Diego!  Though I only carried the Lime Tote on the air in Fresno; in San Diego, I was able to share the rainbow of Ruby, Chocolate, Jet Black, Periwinkle and Hot Pink!  If you haven’t seen it, I’d love for you to watch.  Sandra did an amazing job highlighting the most important details of our product and story.

After watching the segment, you may have noticed the color I added to my wardrobe: PLUM.  It’s a great color!  And I’m excited to announce it will soon be added to our fall collection!

It’s the number one requested color by customers who visit our site or meet me in person.  We’ll keep in touch and let you know when they are in stock.  (Expect approximately eight weeks.)

Pssst.  Do you want me to share another fall color with you?

It’s PUMPKIN!!  I hope you like it as much as I do.  You should see the beautiful, clean stripes on the inside!

Simple.  Elegant.  Fun.

I can’t wait for you to have one.  🙂

Why I will always believe in being a “Yes” girl.

Kara Keaster, a Gold Canyon Candles sales manager, wins a Lime File Tote at DSWA Celebration 2010

by Diana Peck

Last weekend I had the privilege of spending my time at the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance (DSWA) Celebration Conference.  This was my first experience working with DSWA: what a delight!

After a hectic and busy week at my day-job (I am the executive director of a local non-profit, in addition to owning and managing Jamie Raquel, Inc.) the prospect of driving 3.5 hours to Los Angeles and battling L.A. traffic did not sound appealing.  But, I had been invited to introduce Jamie Raquel File Totes to the women of DSWA and I was looking forward to this event.

Lately, I’ve been on this kick of preaching about being a “yes” girl.  Have you seen the Jim Carrey film Yes Man? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it.  Not only did I find it hilarious, I was actually inspired.  I’ll give you a quick synopsis: Jim Carrey’s character goes from being a closed, negative, no man to being an open, optimistic, yes man. Throughout the film, the action of saying yes to everything transforms his life into an adventure.

Now, I know we girls keep getting the message “don’t be afraid to say no.”  We often strap ourselves down with too many obligations by saying yes to all requests and then life becomes no fun.  I get that.  I don’t want my life to start feeling like one giant “have to” instead of days filled with “want to”.  Believe me, I’ve had days like that.

But, hear me out.

Lately, I’ve been approaching requests and invitations with Jim Carrey’s movie playing in the back of my mind.  If I say no … I will never know.  If I say yes … who might I meet? What might I see? What might I learn? What doors might open?  It happens time and time again.  I’m invited to attend a luncheon, a meeting, a musical, a party, a DSWA Conference.  I say yes.  Then when it’s time to get my busy, tired self to the appointment, I drag.

Why did I say yes? You know what?…I’m not going. They’ll understand. I’m swamped. I’m running behind. I’m tired.

It’s no girl vs. yes girl.

Yes girl wins.

You know how this movie ends, don’t you? The ladies sitting at my table at the luncheon were too fun, not to mention the dessert was out-of-this-world delicious; the meeting armed me with important information to take back to my board of directors so I don’t look like a schlump the next time the issue is up for discussion; I laughed, I cried, and am still singing songs in my head after the musical is over; the hostess and guest-of-honor were so grateful that we took the time to attend their party and I had fun watching her open her gifts; and the ladies at the DSWA Conference were the BEST!  They were professional, energetic, warm, supportive and inspiring.  The speakers were educational and entertaining and … Jamie Raquel File Totes were a hit!

When the conference was over, as I climbed back into my car Sunday evening for the 3.5 hour drive back home, as usual, I looked in my rear view mirror and smiled to myself thinking, “I’m so glad I said ‘Yes’!”

So you think you have the Messiest Desk in the U.S.?

We want to see it!

If you are tired of seeing your desk cluttered with papers and files and you are ready to GET ORGANIZED, you could be the winner of a Jamie Raquel File Tote.

First, visit our Facebook page and become a fan.  Then post a comment about your desk and upload a picture.  It’s that simple.  On June 1, we will choose a winner!

If you are a lucky winner, you get to choose your tote color, with one 5-pack of matching hanging file folders.

To see File Tote specs and available colors visit

Please send us only one picture of your desk.  And don’t forget to tell your friends to enter!